Fast Track Air Hockey 🇪🇸

Fast Track

For sure you know it… !!! Its acrylic or stainless steel playing surface is hard to resist, its vertiginous puck, its diabolic speed and that feeling that you can’t stop playing! It is the famous FAST TRACK by SAM, universally recognized as the most popular and extended Air Hockey in the world. A real classic for decades, a total leader in the Air Hockey market.

Its distinct stainless steel playing surface, its multiple all time design and its peculiar lamps and scorers make FAST TRACK the most attractive and versatile classic. Its Noise-free optional configuration, its superresistant laminated board structure, its anti-skid levellers and the multiple options to operate make FAST TRACK the best option for fun and profitable performance.

Many options in double and electronic coin acceptors. Debit card system and redemption system available (on order). This air hockey works with a PCB and may use the ELECTRONIC COIN ACCEPTOR T41.

2 orange bats w/protection, 2 yellow bats w/protection, 2 orange bats wo/protection, 2 yellow bats wo/ protection, 4 bat base cloths, 2 orange pucks, 2 red ball, 2 cosmic pucks, 2 red rugby pucks.

Overall: 1,25 x 2,35 x 0,80
Playing: 1,10 x 2,20
Package: 1,40 x 2,40 x 0,45