About Interpool

Established in 2009, Interpool is home to some of the finest brands of Billiard, Carom, Foosball & Snooker. We pride ourselves as being A Key Player in the game tables segment: Interpool has Strategically aligned its Partnership with some Top Class game table manufacturers. These companies have led from the front and have produced bespoke products with cutting edge technology.

Such association have helped us to proffer with absolute confidence, a line of billiards products that is of the highest standard and quality. Interpool has passionately promoted the game of pool, and have supported numerous tournaments in the country.
Interpool will remain committed to customers, in providing value added products & after sales services. True to tagline, we provide CUES & Tip to bring out the Champion in you.

What we have achieved?

We At Interpool, Pride Ourselves In Being Known As UAE’s # 1 Premium Billiards Company. A Well-Earned Title, As We Pamper Our Clients With Some Of The Finest Names In Luxury Pool Tables. Our In-House Designers Work Tirelessly To Customise Each Pool Table, That Reflects Your Lifestyle And Abode. We Stock American Pool, Snooker, English And Russian Billiards, Carom, Foosball, Air-Hockey, Ping Pong, Darts & Shuffleboard. You May Rent A Pool Table, Relocate, Refurbish / Re-Cloth Your Pool Table With Our Expert Billiard Technicians. We Showcase Top Class Billiard Accessories Like Pool Cues, Cue-Tips, Ball Sets, Gloves. We Repair Cue Tip & Provide Billiard Training. Interpool, The Regions Finest Billiard Company For All Your Billiards & Game Table Requirements.