Our Services

From pool table rentals, pool table refurbishments, cloth changing, moving a pool table, coin-operated tables, used pool tables to qualified Billiard Technicians et al, we have them all under one roof.

This service covers the following:

  • Pool Table Polishing
  • Cushion Rubber Replacement and installation
  • Pocket Replacement and Fixing

Most pool tables are made of slate, which is a nearly-indestructible material that can last for decades. The cloth covering the pool table, however, won’t last forever. While it may last for over a decade under normal home use, it eventually will need replacing. Just as Astroturf on a football field wears over time, pool table felt wears with use and age.

This wear is the result of friction. While the pool balls themselves do not damage the felt, they do collect pool chalk that acts as an abrasive, like sandpaper, tearing away at the fibers of the felt. The felt can also be damaged by falling or bouncing balls. While the damage is unfortunate, it’s considered a normal side-effect of playing pool.

Need help moving your pool table?

Don’t worry we got it for you. Our professional team will help you relocate/move your table and assemble it in your given location.

This service includes leveling and alignment by our professional billiard technician.

Been playing a lot of pool? Need your Cue Tips repaired? Professional Technicians at INTERPOOL can repair it for you!

Personalized Billiard Cue

Either you’re buying a cue for yourself,  for  a family member or for your friends, personalizing a cue will for sure touch a heart!

Service is available for any occasions, with 24 hour turnaround time.

No better way to spend time with the little ones, and discover the champion in them.

INTERPOOL understands the value of supporting talent. We don’t just stop there, once we spot it, we go all out to nurture it and build it to its potential. We have Pro’s, who we have partnered with to train & coach beginners, and amateurs alike.

If you see potential in your child or friends, and you want them to horn the pool skills, please call on us for more details. We will be happy to assist in staging private classes at your homes, or at our world class partner pool halls, close to you.

The party is not complete without a beauty of a table worth gathering around.

Rack up a little excitement and watch them stretch & shape on the pool table.

Interpool allows you to mix business & pleasure on our range of pool tables. Whether it’s a brand launch, or a corporate party, a Trade show or a VIP Event, Interpool would create that perfect Pool lounge for guests.

Our top premium service allows the client to have the table installed on the desired space. The customer does not have to worry about anything, and can enjoy their reunion/event with their pool table set up ready to entertain guests.