Pool table buyer’s guide

Pool tables, billiard tables, and other tables on which we play cue sports are investments made at the level of a grand piano, grandfather clock, or other items of keepsake quality. A pool table may be a perfect addition to your game space, but as for any gaming equipment in this group, including ping pong tables, football tables, etc., some guidelines will guarantee that you make a wise buying decision. And, of course, there are guidelines to follow to make sure you buy the best pool table for your specific room description, style of play, users, etc.

It might happen when you are investing in a pool table of the highest grade, it may turn out that this is not quite what you were hoping for or that you cannot take advantage of all the functionality it contains.

Let’s start by discussing a few important questions that are to be considered before purchasing a pool table.

What size pool table is right for you?

Above everything, you need to decide what size table you want to buy. The most common size is the 8-foot table, one of the sizes recognized by the World Pool-Billiard Association. The surface of the play measures 88 “long by 44″ wide.

For a table of this type, you will have a space spanning at least 17 ft. by 13′ 4” – that should make for a better play environment that is not disrupted by a crowded atmosphere. We do have 7-foot tables that you can use to play in your favourite bars or restaurants. Whichever scale you go for, Interpool has a range of colours and designs to match your preferences.

Know your room dimensions

When searching for a pool table, it’s important to learn the exact measurements of the space you intend on placing the table in. A table that is small for the space can allow the cue sticks to scratch, label, and scuff furniture and walls throughout the area. Drawing the room on a piece of paper that notes the width and length is best.

Take the time to remember any immovable items that may conflict with the area, where you want to place the table.Having this knowledge in hand, you and your sales manager are better positioned to decide which size table suits in the room and you won’t be disappointed when the table is set up.

What kind of material?

Slate is ideal for pool tables as it breaks naturally into large, even parts, which can quickly be ground and polished to a perfectly flat surface. Slate provides a flat and even playing field. Since it is so robust and proven to last, a slate pool table would be granted a lifetime guarantee. We at Interpool deal with the best quality slate-made pool tables.

In a quality table, the slate is greater than the size of the playing surface, broadening beneath the table rails and thus providing additional resilience to them. The slate must also be inside a wooden frame, so that the felt cloth, once splayed over the slate, can be tacked or stapled to the frame, instead of directly adhering to the slate’s underside.

Laminated top rails are ideal for a pool table. Assure that the laminate is highly pressurized, resilient to burning, and scratching. A high-pressure laminate will give your pool table additional years of life.

A Billiard Cloth wool/nylon combination is usually found safest and promotes good playability. A solid build of the leg is a must. Typically, most tables have only four legs or two legs in the pedestal form. Examine the method of connecting the legs to the pool table. This will assess the stability of the table.

Pool Table Styles

A pool table’s sheer scale ensures if it can demand a lot of focus, making it necessary for you to understand whether every possible table complements your home. Although new and original tables are a wonderful addition to similar decors, they usually need someone who has a strong eye for detail to prevent mismatching. Furthermore, a decent table will last decades and, if there’s any doubt, we at Interpool always suggest a better style with a much more cautious approach to customer requirements. In general, the pool tables fall into three basic categories:


These are the simple tables your grandparents have been playing on for decades. They are usually wrapped in green or red antique felt and have a hardwood base. The table legs are likely to have an elegant design and style like you may find on older chairs or tables.


These tables’ modus operandi is to show a new variation on an older style. Stained hardwood is supplemented by painted black textures and blue or even patterned patterns substitute the old-timer green and red felt.


For older styles, these tables fully divide the level. Expect to swap table legs with pedestals, different assortments of pocket patterns and felt colours, track or fluorescent lights, and evenglass LED top coverings that will further illuminate shot angles. These are the high-end furniture tables.


It’s not without challenges to buy a 750 + pound piece of furniture. That is why we sell installation services to our tables. Interpool’s expert network can distribute your pool table, install it, level it, and make sure it’s ready for usage and you can be sure to get the best purchase experience. So many stores would market a pool table and saddle their consumers with the hardest portion of the task. At Interpool, we understand how any aspect will impact the experience with our goods, and for our customers, we want to offer the best.

Where to buy?

If you’re searching to purchase a pool table, your best starting point is often an authenticated dealer. At Interpool we usually show you a wide array of table styles and brands, and you can talk to any particular questions you have on the spot at our store. We take time to analyze your play area considering any columns, half-walls, or other immovable items that may conflict with the table’s play area. We also guide you to invest in a pool table that is a high-quality piece of furniture with a durable, high-quality surface to enjoy.

We at Interpool are better positioned to decide which size table suits in the room and you won’t be disappointed when the table is set up.

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