500 Indoor

Price starts at AED 5,750

Product Description

It’s the Rolls Royce of leisure ping-pong tables. The SPORT 500 INDOOR will make your neighbours green with envy. It has all the features of a Cornilleau table: beauty, safety, reliability, ergonomics. and toughness. Designed for intensive use, the SPORT 500 INDOOR is the table for all your tournaments with friends, family and neighbours. The performances of the 500 are beyond compare, and its excellent rebound will make the most of your progress. Its FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) approval proves it: it’s the high-end table par excellence.

Product Specifications

  • WHEELS INDOOR WITH BRAKES: Large diameter caster wheels, with brakes. Excellent mobility.
  • STABILITY: The legs are reinforced with a steel insert. With a wide pad, leg height can be adjusted to ensure optimum levelness.
  • ADJUSTABLE NET: This dual system means your net will always be perfectly adjusted – in terms of height and tension.
  • RETRACTABLE NET: The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored.
  • STORAGE: Specific bats storage placed on both side of the table to store and protect 4 bats and 8 balls.
  • BALLS DISPENSERS: Placed alongside the player, these dispensers are extremely practical, meaning bal ls are always within easy reach.
  • CORNER PROTECTION PADS: Protection on each corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety for your children.