700 M Crossover Table Tennis

Price starts at AED 7,250

Guaranteed delivery in 4-7 days for local stocks. Non-stock delivery lead time 16-20 weeks

Product Description

An athletic look, high-performance and solid materials, exclusive features … There is no need to say that the design and equipment level of this brand new 700M Crossover allow no compromise. It will firmly and distinctively fit your home and will provide you with a unique playing experience. You will also be stunned to see how thanks to its innovative and astonishing big twin wheels, the table can be easily moved and obstacles safely cleared. Attention to detail and an impressive and distinct design tend to confer the 700M Crossover a nonstandard personality that wil immediately take you into a new dimension.

Product Specifications

  • OVER SIZE DOUBLE WHEELS: The use of twin wheels, wide (32mm) flattened composite bandage, greatly improves the mobility of the table, especially on very uneven floors.
  • OVERPROTECTED STRUCTURE: This extremely resistant structure is here covered with an elegant UV-resistant “graphite” finish.
  • OVERSPEED SURFACE: A special 9mm laminate HPL to provide the same bounce quality as the one got from a top-competition table. OVERSPEED surface is shock and weather resistant.
  • STABILITY: The legs are reinforced with a steel insert. With a wide pad, leg height can be adjusted to ensure optimum levelness.
  • WHEELS WITH BRAKES: The greater number of wheels, the greater the load capacity. Therefore, the use of large twin wheels with flattened bi-material tires signigicantly increases the mobility of the table, especially on uneven grounds.
  • CORNER PROTECTION PADS: Protection on each corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety for your children.
  • BALLS DISPENSERS: Placed alongside the player, these dispensers are extremely practical, meaning balls are always within easy reach.
  • STORAGE: Specific bats storage placed on both side of the table to store 4 bats and 8 balls.