Corvette - 1959 Collectors Edition

Price starts at AED 149,900

Guaranteed delivery in 14-16 weeks

Billiard Presentation

Your new 1959 Corvette TOURNAMENT SIZED pooltable is entirely made in the USA and comes complete with working lights(with remote), real chrome bumpers, trim, & hardware, GENUINE FULL SIZE steel rims, real white wall tires, chrome wheel covers (WITH spinners!), and a professional regulation size (4½ ft x 9ft) three piece slate top.

The 1959 Corvette Pool Table is the ONLY officially licensed Collector’s Edition pool table for Chevrolet and GM and comes complete with its own “VIN” number (Serial Number) and “Title” (Certificate of Authenticity).

Billiard Characteristics

  • 130″ long (bumper to nose) (330cm)
  • 72″ wide (side to side) (183cm)
  • 32″ high (floor to top of rails) (81cm)
  • Approximately 1200 lbs assembled (544kg)
  • Each Corvette Pool Table is custom built when ordered, shipped to you, and assembled in your home or business by one of our professional billiards table installer.