Liban Series

Price starts at AED 22,900

Guaranteed delivery in 5-6 weeks

Billiard Presentation

The Liban Series is an elegant piece crafted with the finest of touches from artisan using genuine oakwood, pine, and beech wood. Serving a dual purpose, you can use this magnificent table for a lovely game of pool or fine dining. Presenting a sleek and refined look with a contemporary design that elevates the decor of any home.

Billiard Characteristics

  • Sizes available:
    • 7ft: 230 cm L x 130 cm W x 80 cm H
    • 8ft: 255 cm L x 145 cm W x 80 cm H
  • Finish: Natural Oakwood, Wenge & any lacquer finishes in black, white, grey etc.
  • Material used: Oak, Pine or Beechwood
  • Cloth: Wide range of cloth choices from UK & Belgium
  • Playing Field: 3 pc slates
  • Legs: 4 sturdy wooden legs
  • Pocket: Drop pockets
  • Weight: 300-350 kgs
  • The set includes: 3 cues, ball set, brush, triangle, chalks, floor cue stand, extention & bridge (for the 8ft size)
  • Availability: In stock Pool Table delivery is 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your location and availability
  • Pre order/made to order pool table delivery is 6-8 weeks